Individual and group coaching programs to help you
and your team achieve personal and professional goals.

Coaching Program Overview

Setting Goals

Identify your personal and professional priorities and set goals.

Simple Changes

Break down your goals into quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily actions.


Personalized accountability strategies and support.

Areas of Focus Include:

Leadership Skills
  • Dealing effectively with conflict
  • Accepting feedback without defensiveness
  • Building influence skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Balancing productivity and compassion with your team
  • Creating psychological safety within your team
  • Effective communication skills
  • Change management strategies
  • Empathy and active listening skills
  • Supporting your team during times of stress
Personal Productivity
  • Time and calendar management
  • Improving focus
  • Email management
  • Prioritization and task management
  • Setting boundaries
  • Dealing with digital distractions
  • Improving communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Saying no effectively to maintain focus
  • Dealing with stress
Personal Wellbeing
  • Managing your energy
  • Using food as fuel
  • Incorporating rest into your day
  • Finding time for exercise  
  • Career planning
  • Self-advocacy 
  • Understanding and leveraging your strengths
  • Recognizing and managing anxiety
  • Kat Penney – Business Owner:

    This program at Simple Change and Becky brought serious change to my life! It really has transformed my goals and the way I look at things.

    Before this program I never reflected on my goals or wrote down my successes. Starting this program I sat down with Becky and came up with my goals, and then we broke them down from annual ones all the way to daily goals!

    Using the simple change journey planner I was able to not only track my successes and lessons, I was also able to ensure I was staying on track! If I had a day or a week that didn’t go as well, I would know why!

    This program not only helped me reach my goals, I was also able to achieve more then I set out to! The weekly calls with Becky were amazing to check in and have an accountability partner.

    I can’t say enough great things about this program and Becky, it has transformed me! Thank you Becky for everything!

    North Raleigh Pet Nanny
  • Kaarin Huffman – Business Owner:

    I asked Becky Jacobs of Simple Change to help me grow my business and simplify the way to do it, and she delivered on that request.

    Becky’s mind for business, along with her careful listening and organization skills, led to specific recommendations for me at the strategic and micro process levels.

    Her involvement in my business has produced a needed shift and one of my favorite outcomes is my new “nurture strategy” for my clients.

    All the feels. Thank you, Becky!

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